It has been known for a long time that cats pay special attention to the care of their fur. The way the fur looks like is one of the determinants of a pet’s health. There is definitely something wrong with a cat that stops taking care of its fur, so it should not be ignored. A healthy cat cleans its fur several times a day, collecting dead hair with a rough tongue, which then goes to the digestive tract. However, their excessive amount can cause a number of unpleasant consequences. From vomiting to constipation. There are many preparations on the market that facilitate their excretion from the gastrointestinal tract, but the easiest way to reduce their amount is to brush your cat regularly. It is worth to remember that the brushing process itself can be a pleasant ritual for your cat.

What we need to do to make it happen is to choose the right cat brush. It shouldn’t have any sharp edges or cause your cat any discomfort. A soft cat brush made of elastomer is a very good choice! They are available in two hardness variants to meet our pets demanding expectations. Brushes like these catch dead hair well while massaging the skin, improving its microcirculation and making care treatments not a chore, but a pleasure for the cat and its owner. Thanks to the appropriate length and size of the teeth of the brush, it will be perfect for cats with both short and longer hair.

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