Did you know, that…

among the four sizes of Fiboo bowls, you will certainly find something perfect for your pet’s needs.
The Shallow bowl works well for cats (especially those with sensitive whiskers!) and for small dogs with a flat nose.
bowl S – 200 ml – popular among cats and the smallest dogs, such as Yorkie, Chihuahua.
bowl M – 400 ml – is the most universal size and works for most animals – the smallest, medium-sized and larger ones. For the Bowl M, we can choose a slow feeder among lollipop mini mats by Fiboo.
 bowl L – 700 ml – the best choice for large breeds. It can be completed with a dedicated 15 cm slow feeder.

The interesting thing is that our PET bowls of the same color can differ from each other, and this is not a manufacturing defect! The bottles that make the material we use are sometimes green and sometimes blue, which has a real impact on the shade of the final product!


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