Many pet owners struggle with the problem of sliding pet bowls all over the house while eating. Such a bowl causes not only unpleasant noise and frustration during the meal, but it is also a reason of a mess, because of carrying the food out of the bowl.

So far, the solution to this kind of problem could be non-slip pet food mats placed under the bowl or finishing the bowls with a special non-slip pads. However, such mats do not always fit the interior of our place and many bowls are not equipped with the non-slip pads. This is why we would like to meet the expectations of the pets’ owners and we present an innovative solution to this problem – a pet food base created by (our) Fiboo brand.
One part of the product is sticked to the floor and the other part of it is glued directly to the bowl.

Thanks to a strong magnet, the bowl remains in place while eating, even if the base is made of light plastic material. The base itself is invisible and can be attached to many types of bowls available on the market. Thanks to the magnet, lifting the bowl to clean it is not a problem, but it becomes almost impossible to slide it across the floor and that’s the point!

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