Small symbols and their great importance.

The European standard ISO 11469: 2016 specifies precisely about the method of marking products, but does not explicitly describe the requirement of marking products.

Therefore, many manufacturers do not carry out such markings that, in the recycling process, would allow for unambiguous identification of the type of plastic the product was made of.

Our products, both on the packaging and on the products, are marked with these symbols.

For example:

In case of our pet food bowl, the product consists of two materials – a bowl and non-slip rubber bands. They are made of two different materials and therefore are not permanently joined together.

The rubbers are removable. If you recycle them, you can easily separate the products from each other.

Permanently connected products, consisting of many different materials, that cannot be recycled, are a big problem for recycling.

By purchasing correctly labeled products, we take care to improve the efficiency of the plastics recycling system.

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