Before coming home with a new family member, it is worth preparing the house for his arrival. It is good to protect the cables from his sharp teeth. Little pets like to check new things and it often happens that cables are victims of their curiosity. Unfortunately, it is not only dangerous for the devices they power, but also for the animals! Housings and cable covers are highly useful here!
Moreover, it would be good to remove all of poisonous plants from your home or take care of them, so they are out of reach for pupils. Many home flowers are a great threat if they are eaten, for example, the popular Ficus Benjamina or Dieffenbachia.

How to prepare a house for a small cat or dog?

If there is a child in the house, it would be a good idea to review the toys and, if possible, hide those that are small enough to be swallowed by the pet. Unfortunately, this is kind of common cause of puppies surgeries. For kittens, all kind of ribbons, cords or hair bands are a big danger. You should also remember to close windows and doors, especially those on balconies. A balcony trip can have a terrible ending and a tilted window can turn out to be a very dangerous trap for cats (at every stage of their life).

Basic layette for our pet

When it comes to layette, except the food (in case of animals from breeding farms, it is worth finding out what animal was fed with and then decide whether to maintain or change the food, observing if it is ok for our pupil or not), we will need bowls for a dog or a cat (two or three pieces depending on the method of feeding, one for water and the other two for dry or wet food), a pet food mat (prevents the bowls from moving across the floor and reduces the area of cleaning), a bed – especially for puppies, and in case of kittens –  a scratching post with a hideout or lair on the top of it.
If we have a dog, it is also worth thinking of dog poop bags – sooner or later we will start going for a walk with him! At the beginning, it is good to collect such products to not to feel sorry when they get damaged one day. It is almost certain that a puppy will permanently destroy many things before replacing his teeth, and in case of kittens, not only items intended for this may have been scratched. This is their nature and it should be taken into account while makind a decision to have a new family member at our home.

We will also need a brush (a soft one would be the best for little pupil, just to get it used to care procedures), a toothbrush and a toothpaste, toys, pads for dogs and a litter box for kittens. There are many types of litter on the market. Starting from wooden (which can be thrown to the toilet), through silicone, to bentonite (gray, the most similar to the sand, which, unfortunately, cannot be sanitized). Litter wipers are also very useful as they largely reduce the amount of litter which is carried away from the litter box on the cat’s paws.

Once we complette the necessary layette and secure dangerous items at home, we can go get our dream friend and enjoy his growing up in our place.




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