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A lot can be said about cats, their behaviour and characters. Each of them is different and each deserves a good home and a carring owner. It is very important that the caretaker gets to know the character of his pet well and is sensitive to changes in his behaviour. It is something usual, when it comes to cats, that when there is something wrong with them, they don’t show it. Sometimes we can observe some little changes in their behaviour and that’s a sign for us. We should not underestimate them. An example? If we have a cat which always jumps on the window sills and suddenly stops doing it, we should be concerned. It is worth visiting the vet to make sure if everything is fine. Maybe something hurts and this is why it stopped doing it?

Is the cat really a malicious animal?

A cat that has always cared for its beutiful fur suddenly stops cleaning it? There is definitely something wrong with him and it should be checked. A cat that stops taking care of itself definitely has a problem that needs to be diagnosed.

A cat that used to use its liter box suddenly started peeing in different places or just next to the liter box? It is not being malicious. It is possible that it has a bladder problem.

A cat that has always eagerly eaten what we serve to him in his bowl suddenly lost its appetite? In such a situation, you should not delay the vet visit any longer. If cats stop eating they can have a fatty liver issues after two days of fasting.

Any doubts? Contact your vet!

In case of repeating vomiting, lack of defecation or urination, do not wait any longer – just visit the vet.

During the visit, the vet will accurately examine the pet and order any additional, but necessary, tests (e.g. blood tests, ultrasound, X-ray, cardiological examinations, etc.) in order to diagnose the problem and implement effective treatment.

Unfortunately, our little friends cannot tell us directly what is wrong. However, they give us signals. So let’s observe them and let’s take it seriously. The vigilant owner and quick medical intervention can help your pet a lot!

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