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The list of basic things to take care of when you are a dog owner:

  1. Brushing

Brushing your dog is very important especially while coat changing. It is definitely worth taking care of an appropriate brush you use for it matched to the type of coat your pupil has, so that the treatment is associated with something pleasant for the dog and effective at the same time.


  1. Regular paw trimming

During one of our vet visit, it is worth asking him to show us how to do it properly to avoid any claws damaging, bleeding and discouraging the dog from doing it again in the near future. It i salso worth having some snacks to reward your pet for being that brave! Thanks to that, he will be more likely to undergo the whole procedure. However, if the owner is concerned about cutting claws on his own, it is better to visit the veterinary clinic. We should also take into consideration that such visits shouldn’t be made too late, because excessive claw growth can cause the claw matrix to lenghthen. In this kind of situation, it will be simply impossible to trim the claws to their correct lenght during just one visit. You will need a few frequent visits and graduał undercutting of oversized claws until the matrix is shortened. Additionaly, claws that are too long cause a discomfort while moving (just imagine you walking on your toenails!) and injuries such as, for example, tearing a claw that requires a medical intervention.


  1. Baths

    For most of dogs, these should be done only when it is necessary, it means when the dog becomes dirty or shows that the coat requires it. Each bath damages the skin’s protective barier. The exceptions are some breeds of dogs with long hair, for example, such as Yorkshire Terrier where bathing (usually at groomers) takes place more often and is combined with cutting the hair and often also trimming claws.


  1. Ear hygiene

    Using the ear cleaner we clean the ear canal and the auricle from the inside of our pet’s ear. This allows you to remove dirt and earwax. Regular ear hygiene can reduce the possibility of otitis externa. If you notice any redness, discoloration of discharge, tilted head or fluttering ears, visit your veterinarian immediately!

  2. Eye hygiene

    It is usually limited to removing and dried secretions. However, if we observe an increased amount of it, we should make a vet visit.


  1. Teeth care

    It is a necessary procedure if we want our dog’s teeth to be healthy and aesthetically looking. It is also good to avoid unpleasant dog’s breathing.


The animal should get used to it from the moment of the puppy, otherwise convincing to brush the teeth with a toothbrush when it’s older may turn out to be impossible. There are many preparations on the market in various forms, from pastes and gels, to powdered food and chews for those pets that do not cooperate when washing with a traditional brush. Regular hygiene reduces the formation of tartar and the occurrence of periodontal diseases. Remember that when looking at our dog’s teeth, we cannot forget about premolars and molars, which are invisible at first glance. Patients often come to veterinary surgeries whose teeth (incisors and canines) look well-groomed, but after careful examination, it turns out that a thick layer of tartar remains on the molars. Remember that well-groomed teeth are not only aesthetics, but healthy! Many health problems start in the mouth.



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